Pharmacy Career Specialties

Pharmacy Career Specialties

Geriatric Pharmacy

Geriatric pharmacists have expertise in the drugs used to treat diseases and disorders affecting elderly patients.

Nuclear Pharmacy

Nuclear pharmacists use radioactive drugs for therapy.

Nutrition Support Pharmacy

Nutrition support pharmacists works with patients to provide specialized nutrition plans to achieve optimal nutrition levels.

Oncology Pharmacy

Oncology pharmacists administer and monitor patients taking various drugs to treat cancer.

Pediatric Pharmacy

Pediatric pharmacists specialize in the administration of drugs to children.


Pharmacotherapists work to ensure safety and efficiency in the administration of drugs to patients.


Pharmacists prepare and dispense drugs prescribed by physicians and other health care practitioners. They also counsel patients on the usage and effects of certain medications.

Pharmacy Aide

Pharmacy aides work with technicians and perform duties such as maintaining records, completing insurance forms, maintaining inventory, cashiering, answering phones, and stocking shelves.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians work with pharmacists to prepare medication and complete tasks such as bottle labeling and tablet counting.

Psychiatric Pharmacy

Psychiatric pharmacists specialize in drug treatment to patients with psychiatric disorders.

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