Pharmacy Careers and Jobs

Pharmacy Careers and Jobs

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and aides dispense drugs prescribed by doctors and other practitioners to patients. They also provide information about the patient's medications' uses and interactions or side effects. Pharmacists may monitor patients' responses to drug therapy, to make sure they are using the medicine safely and effectively and that it is helping them like it is supposed to.

Pharmacists need extensive training in fields such as biology and chemistry. Pharmacy aides and technicians receive some of the same training, but they can usually learn it on the job or through a shorter program, such as 2 years.

Pharmacies are usually businesses, and so workers there must fill out insurance paperwork, file taxes, file payroll, and perform many other administrative tasks. Most ring up customers after a purchase. Good phone skills are important, and an understanding of medical terminology and health care systems will prove invaluable.

Pharmacists and their aides/techs usually work in community settings (such as a corner drugstore) or in health care facilities, like hospitals, nursing homes, health clinic, etc. Shift work is common, especially for newer pharmacists. Good decision making skills, good listening skills, and patience are the keys to enjoying one's pharmacy job.

Many pharmacies, laboratories, etc. will put a tech through pharmacy school in exchange for a couple of years of company service. Pharmacists must be licensed and pass several exams in order to practice - pay increases come with experience and extra training.

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