Top 10 Qualities of a Great Pharmacist

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Pharmacist

Pharmacists do a lot more than count pills and fill bottles. Their roles increasingly are evolving to deal more with doctors and patients to determine the most appropriate drug regimens. To be successful in the industry, a pharmacist must have:

  1. Communication Skills: A great pharmacist should have excellent communication skills and be able to speak on a professional level with peers and doctors, as well as in laymen's terms to patients. A great pharmacist is also able to communicate with people despite possible language barriers and other factors of diversity.
  2. Interpersonal Skills: A great pharmacist should have excellent interpersonal skills, as they deal with doctors, patients, and other staff on a daily basis.
  3. Leadership Skills: A great pharmacist has strong leadership skills and is able to supervise the work of technicians and assistants. They take charge when problems arise and can handle the stress of any difficult situation.
  4. Analytical Skills: A great pharmacist has sharp analytical skills and can easily reach conclusions based on information presented by patients and doctors, as well as from new research.
  5. A Good Memory: A great pharmacist has an excellent memory and is able to easily recall hundreds of drugs, side effects, and interactions.
  6. Conscientiousness: A great pharmacist pays close attention to detail and is conscious of everything they do on the job. They understand that every aspect of their work can seriously affect a patient's health.
  7. Counseling Skills: A great pharmacist is able to counsel patients on how their prescribed drugs work and what to expect while taking them. They act as educators to the public on how medications help the body.
  8. Scientific Aptitude: A great pharmacist has a solid background in science, including chemistry, biology, and biochemistry. They are able to employ skills learned in these classes in their everyday work and are also able to learn new scientific concepts easily.
  9. Interest in Continuing Education: A great pharmacist pursues continuing education opportunities not only because it is a requirement to maintain licensure, but also because they are interested in new research and developments in the industry. They keep up with research journals and other relevant news.
  10. Computer Skills: A great pharmacist has excellent computer skills and can use software programs to take new orders, find drug information, and manage inventory, among other tasks.

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